Worship during November 2017

Due to circumstances there will be no service at Stratford in November.
The next service will be a Christmas service on Friday 15 December at 6.30pm.
More details later

Sunday 3 3.30pm 'Beyond the Loop' Spoken with
visual back-up

Colchester area
  This is an informal service for deaf and deafened people who do not sign and for whom a loop is inadequate.
If you are interested in attending, or if you would be interested if we started a group in another area, please contact Revd Denis Huntley
Sunday 12 10.55am

Holy Communion

Conducted in
Sign Language
St Mellitus RAD Centre
Oakhurst Road
Southend-on-Sea SS2 5DT
Remembrance Sunday This service will start a little earlier than usual, so we can keep the 2 minute remembrance at 11.00am
Sunday 26 3.30pm Worship Service
Conducted in
Sign Language
St John's Church
St John's Close
St Johns's Road
Colchester CO4 0HP